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This series takes place in the same universe as Toy Story.
It's even more likely that it's the life of toys after humans all died out. They now depend only on themselves, but are still toys.

The Barbie in this series is the same actress who played herself in the Toy Story movies.
  • To be nitpicky, Barbie in the Toy Story movies has an older face mold from the 70s/80s, while the one in this series has the modern Barbie face mold. (note that the modern Barbies sold as the Toy Story character don't quite look like the one in the movie) But plastic surgery could be perhaps be possible.
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  • Haha, plastic surgery.

Skipper's hair is dyed
  • Her sisters all have blond hair and the Skipper dolls were blond in her preteen, early teen years.
    • She could have dyed it as an attempt to get out from under Barbie's shadow and set herself apart.
    • Jossed, partially. Early Skipper dolls (1960s)came in blonde and brunette. However, Skipper's pink streak is most likely dyed.

In 'Dream A Little Dreamhouse', Chelsea's friends (who look exactly like her) are called Elsie and Kelsey.
  • Because they rhyme with Chelsea. Obvi.

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