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  • During one of the split-screen scenes in the intro, Raquelle looks too preoccupied with looking at herself in the mirror to face the camera.
    • When everyone gathers for a group shot, Stacie has to tap Skipper to make her put down her phone and smile for the viewers.
  • In "Trapped In The Dreamhouse", Raquelle calls up Ryan and, during the Split-Screen Phone Call, where Ryan is admiring a cardboard cutout of himself, Raquelle slaps it away from him somehow from across the screen, and Ryan's just staring in awed silence for several seconds afterward, clearly trying to work out how on earth she did that.
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  • This exchange from "Party Foul":
    Barbie: (To Nikki) Raquelle isn't that devious!
    (Cut To Raquelle in the Confessional)
    Raquelle: Yes, I am.
  • Stacie stirs together an egg carton, a box of flour and a carton of milk and puts it in the oven. What comes out? A perfect cake!
    • This gag proved so humorous, Chelsea repeats it in "Perf Pool Party". She also does a Scotty impression when Stacie calls her.
  • Ken somehow turns Chelsea's bike into a robot!
  • Closet snatches a pastry out of Barbie's hands, then serves Barbie and her friends some freshly-baked scones.
  • Barbie points out that the list of potential careers for graduates of her technical institute includes at least one job she didn't have (writing fortune cookies).
  • Barbie gets her driver's license in "Licensed to Drive" but reveals she doesn't actually know how to drive. Several characters ask her, "Weren't you a race car driver?"
  • From "Let's Make a Doll":
    Skipper: Who's Barbie's BFF, huh?
    Nikki: It's me!
    Teresa: It's me!
    Midge: It's me!
    [camera cuts to Raquelle, who's eagerly filming the drama with her phone]
    Raquelle: [to camera] It's probably not me.
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  • Raquelle tells Barbie that she spared no expense buying her birthday present. She proceeds to give Barbie a compact mirror. Nikki points out that it comes free with a $600 makeup kit, which Raquelle apparently decided to keep for herself. Even better, the human viewers just see the mirror as a little piece of plastic with a pseudo-shiny sticker.
  • Ryan imagines Barbie and Ken recreating Forrest Gump:
    Ken: Life's like a box of choc-o-lates.
    Barbie: No...(pushes the box into Ken's face)...your face is like a box of chocolates!
  • Raquelle faints after she finds out Door #3 had Ken behind it.
  • Schlond Poofa. That is all.
    • In season four, Barbie and her sisters find a golden Schlond Poofa, and attach it to Ken's car while making it over. Just like the original Schlond Poofa, this one falls off of the car, much to Ken's annoyance.
  • Skipper's entire ordeal in Sister's Ahoy. Especially what she mutters after being conked on the head by a coconut.
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  • Raquelle looks embarrassed wearing the same thing as Barbie, but Barbie just teaches, "Not only is fashion super fun, it also helps A Friend in Need!"
  • Midge and Nikki sizing each other up.
    Midge: So you're the Malibu me.
    Nikki: And you're the Willows me.
    Teresa: Wait wait wait. So what does that make me? (looks at camera) Seriously, who am I?
  • Raquelle cheering on Midge and Nikki with "Fight, fight, fight!"
  • Raquelle calling Chelsea "Kelly"; hilarious for anyone familiar with the doll line.note 
  • Midge in the shark cage, screaming in terror at the fish with a shark fin attached to it
  • Barbie explaining how Midge and Summer are opposites:
    Barbie: Summer likes to throw caution to the wind! And Midge likes to embroider caution on decorative pillow cases! (holds up pillow with a caution sign on it)
  • The Meddlesome Patrolman of Malibu Mall tickets Barbie for voilating Code #21: "excessive good looks." After Barbie signs the ticket, the patrolman congratulates himself for finally getting Barbie's autograph.
  • The entire episode Happy Bathday To You is hilarious, especially the ending. After all the trouble everyone's gone through to give the pets a bath, all three of them and Stacie are happily rolling in the dirt and getting dirtier than ever.
  • Ken's searching for glitter in Gone Glitter Gone, only to find nothing but 24 karat gold.
  • "Doctor Barbie" hangs multiple lampshades over the biology of a doll. For starters, Barbie's initial suggestion for getting rid of Chelsea's "plastic pox" involves washing her face with warm water, but the spots re-appear after the water dries up.note  Later, Barbie tries to take Chelsea's heartbeat, and can't hear anything, which she declares, "Perfect!"
  • Barbie's friends (and Raquelle) don't know what rain is.note 
  • Ken's Barbie sense tingles as he's about to go into space. He leaves the rocket unattended, and it blasts off and crashes into a satellite—all to Also Sprach Zarathustra.
  • Ryan's attempts to high-dive in "Perf Pool Party."
  • Chelsea's friends' reactions to the cardboard re-creation of Barbie's original, box-shaped Dreamhouse.
    Redhead: That's their idea of a playhouse?
    Brunette: Looks more like a doghouse.
    Taffy: I wouldn't sleep in that! I have standards.
  • When Summer reveals that she's moved across the street, she flies out on the hoverboard from the Back to the Future Trilogy.note  Cue Oh, Crap! reactions from Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea - with the latter three fainting.
  • In "Pet Peeve", Ryan and Ken are both pet-sitting for Barbie, with each thinking the other wasn't going to be there.
    Barbie: Have a blast, guys! I think you'll find it's a two-man job!
    Ken: When's the other "man" showing up?
  • Almost any scene with Chelsea's He-Man figure can provide laughs. During his first appearance, a shrunken Raquelle tried flirting with him, then became offended when he gave no response. A later appearance showed him riding a toy dolphin.
  • Barbie's friends shop for presents for her birthday, and they realize they don't know how old she is. They resort to looking at different jobs she's done, and trying to extrapolate her age based on, say, how long it takes to finish Medical School, or how old you have to be to have run for President of the United States. The best they can figure out on their own is that she's at least thirty-five.
  • When Barbie expresses the slightest disapproval of the "Ken Den"'s effect in her store, Ken immediately solves the problem by walling up the men in the man cave a la The Cask of Amontillado.


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