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Awesome / Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

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  • Barbie and Nikki tire of Raquelle constantly changing her party's theme and dress code purely to make the two of them look out of place, so by the time the party has become a costume ball with everyone dressed as fairies, Barbie and Nikki make a deliberate effort to stand out by donning mermaid costumes. The other guests admire them for this.
  • Barbie's pets try to avoid taking a bath by driving a go-kart off of the second floor of the Dreamhouse, down onto the foyer, then out the door. Unfortunately for them, Barbie catches them in a bathtub by making the tub rise out of the ground of the foyer.
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  • The escape from the Dreamhouse in "Trapped in the Dreamhouse."
  • Ken restoring the destroyed Dreamhouse. It morphs out of a briefcase, and even comes with two elevators.


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