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Visual Novel / Slow Damage: Clean Dishes

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Slow Damage: Clean Dishes is a mobile visual novel and is a spinoff of Slow Damage. It was released on April 27, 2021 on both iOS and on Android.

For Clean Dishes, Fuchii Kabura returns as the scenario writer. Uiro Yamada provides the character design of the protagonists, whilst Sakurako Yamada (who was previously credited as a staff artist) takes the helm this time around as the main artist.

The story is as follows: Shinkoumi, a special administrative region of Japan ruled by the Takasato Group, is a city of rampant crime propelled by the country’s crippling recession. Here, fights and murders are a daily occurrence. In such a city, a certain presence is vital. Enter Clean dishes.

Clean dishes, also commonly known as "Sara-ya," is a cleaning service that tidies up the rooms where people have died, by suicide or by other means. The story revolves around Baku, a worker at Sara-ya, and his partner Shiro, who is eager to die.


Slow Damage: Clean Dishes provides examples of the following tropes:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: As a spin-off, the story focuses on a different cast, and the only characters to reappear in Clean Dishes are Kotarou, Mayu and Eiji.
  • Clean Up Crew: This is Sara-ya's function in a nutshell: spruce up the rooms where someone died, regardless of how the victim met their demise.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: A same-gender example. As shown in the page image, Baku practically dwarfs Shiro in terms of both size and height.
  • Official Couple: Baku and Shiro are established as a couple early on in the game, and there's no alternate love interest for the player to have either of them pursue.
  • Spin-Off: Like Slow Damage, Clean Dishes also takes place in Shinkoumi, but features entirely new characters with a plot that isn't connected to the story of its parent game.