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Eldevin is a Fantasy MMORPG set in a rich fantasy world that offers hundreds of realms to explore (including the eponymous Eldevin), hundreds of quests, class-less combat system, dungeons, skilling, and PvP. It's much more alike to older games in the genre than newer ones, and it's often been compared positively to Runescape. All the content is essentially free-to-play, but subscribers get perks such as the removal of a gold cap, an increase in exp and gold earned, and the ability to gain up to 100% rested exp versus a non-subscriber's 50%.

The game is relatively new, so there are currently only three servers with maybe two hundred people across all of them. If all goes well, however, the population could explode with the Steam release.

Eldevin can be played or downloaded for free here.


Eldevin contains examples of:

  • AmnesiacHero
  • Another Dimension: The Void.
  • Gameplay-Guided Amnesia : You start off as a character that has spent 6 months trapped in the Void, causing the loss of almost all your memories.
  • Power-Up Mount : Patch 1.17 added 12 mounts that can be earned through rare drops, crafting, vendors, and achievements to the game. Examples of these mounts include flying discs, wings, and a rocketship.
  • The Corruption : What happened to King Harold's Champions in the backstory due to the Orbs.
  • 20 Bear Asses : A lot of quests require you to go fetch x amount of y parts from mobs nearby.


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