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STONE is a single-player third-person interactive story from 2018, where a hungover koala detective wakes to find his lover Alex has been kidnapped. Walk, talk, drink, dance, smoke, watch, sauna, trip and find Alex. An Aussie stoner noir story game by Convict Games.

Tropes featured in Stone:

  • The Cuckoolander Was Right
    • It has nothing to do with the plot, but the character of Les mentions how the cops are using drones to spy on people. Later, friend of Stone and police officer Devil mentions that they have drones, but this is skimmed over so Stone can find Alex.
  • Dream Sequence
    • In between chapters, while Stone is sleeping between days investigating, he's having some pretty weird dreams filled with clues on where to go to find Alex.
  • Flash Back:
    • A few of the levels are flashbacks to events leading up to Alex disappearing.
  • Land Downunder:
    • Takes place in Australia and all of the characters are anthropomorphic Australian animals.
  • The Stoner:
    • The titular character smokes weed.

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