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Video Game / Coven Wars

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Coven Wars is a free browser-based MMO, where the player is a vampire that levels up by killing humans and rival vampires. It gets it's name from the covens players can join, which are groups of vampires that band together to utilize strength in numbers. Actions take place through action points, which are gained every half-hour. Blood acts as XP.

The game was initially released on November 2010. It was later renamed to Vampire Genesis.

This game provides examples of:

  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Players who die can either use turns to heal themselves with spells, pay a hospital to revive them (which some covens cover completely), or just wait until the the end of the half hour when they next get turns.
  • Freemium: While free players still can do everything premium players can, buying premium gives more turns per half-hour, a higher turn limit, higher bank interest, and other goodies.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Just how different is up to the player, though, as there is no in-game lore as to what vampires are.
  • Press X to Die: The Rigor Mortis spell, which kills the player in exchange for blood.
  • Soul Power: Along with blood and money, killing humans gains souls, which can be used toward crafting weapons.
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  • Stat Grinding: Turns can be used at the gym to level up stats. Actually leveling up grants a few points to be put toward stats as well.