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Video Game / Candy Cane's Chilly Christmas

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Just a candy cane walking around in the snow collecting presents. That's all.

Candy Cane's Chilly Christmas is a Christmas-themed Flash-based platformer on Newgrounds created by Mandea Catalin (or 100dcx). It is based on his animated cartoon series, Challenge to Win. It is the second Christmas-themed game for the show, the first being Challenge to Win: The Hunt for Gifts.

The player controls Candy Cane, one of the characters in Challenge to Win, and must collect the present in each level. The game managed to score a sequel, Candy Canes New Years.


This game provides examples of:

  • The Cameo: Fat Alien in three levels and Key in just one.
  • Christmas Episode: A Chirstmas-themed game.
  • Easter Egg: You might find Fat Alien hanging about three times if you decide to look around every level.
  • Licensed Game: A game based on Challenge to Win released officially by the creator fot he show himself. Huh.

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