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Hi, I've been here since 2016, but I've been very quiet. I'm sorting through my online accounts, and trying to properly organize them. Thought I'd introduce myself here, so here goes.

I am a 21-year-old male living in the Midwestern USA, and am a hobbyist writer into Science-Fantasy. I have a universe I've created, a mash-up Massive Multiplayer Crossover between BattleTech, Minecraft, and Dungeons & Dragons. I post about it and a few other stories on DeviantArt under the same username. I currently work at Blain's Farm & Fleet as an automotive technician, and tinker with cars as a hobby alongside my large NERF Brand dart blaster arsenal (60 and counting), my Franchise/LEGO collection, my Hot Wheels car collection, and my O-Scale toy trains. I also collect military memorabilia. I drive a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, a former black-and-white patrol unit from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. It's a Cool Car in my mind at least, and I've named it 'Black Beauty' after the book. I have yet to get a Vanity License Plate for it, but if I do it'll probably read 'BLAKBTY' or something.


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