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I'm bored, so I'll clean this up some more. I'm Teh Stanman, that was a nickname I made for myself back in... what? Middle school? Anyway, it unexpectedly caught on, and now that's what I use on the net since nobody else would consider using a name this stupid. I'm not sure what else to put. Trivia about me? Does me not knowing what to put here count as trivia? Well, you know that information now. I'm not even thinking about what I'm typing while I type this. I should probably stop while this paragraph isn't too big.


     Tropes that describe me, I think 

The good thing about this part is that I don't have to write it. Feel free to drop off whatever commentary you have, but try to keep it organized.

Sorry, but I absolutely refuse to vandalise your page. -Lunacorva

Oh hi Teh Stanman. You're a nice Senpai. I wish people are always as nice as you, 'cause some find me really...weird. owo You're as nice as Desu-kun!!! - Hachiko

Orange - well-being. Purple - contrition. Blue - formal politeness, frostiness. Red - humorous pleasure. Brown - displeasure, ill humour. Grey - frustration. White - anger. Gunmetal - puzzlement. Yellow - approachability. Green - mellowness. Silver - do not disturb. Rainbow - communicating via effector. -the Limiting Factor

Hi Chinese, I'm Filipino. Nice to meet you again. - Filipino

I'm here. Wanderlust Warrior


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