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"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

"Herr Kman? Well, I haven't heard that name in quite a while. I must say, I haven't told the tale of the righteous Troper known as Herr Kman for quite some time now, but I will do my best to tell the fable as best as I can once again."

Herr Kman is some teenage aspiring filmmaker and writer who discovered TV Tropes sometime around holiday 2010. The expected happened. Specializes in Video Games and Film. (Somewhat) well-versed in other forms of media. Loves Science Fiction and it's sub-genres with a burning passion. Needs to read more books. He welcomes suggestions. He would appreciate if you wrote suggestions for literature in the vandali- er, recommendations section. Wishes to further himself as a writer and critical thinker as well.


Is really a kind, friendly, caring, and reasonable person (at least, I think so). He wishes to have a civilized, intelligent, and friendly discussion with all of you soon!

Yes, he is aware that his username is redundant (and a bit gratuitous).

He is awful at recalling tropes by whim. He requires context and some sort of incentive or reference.

Big fan of British humour, television, and film.

He is a pacifist (in the real, physical world, that is).

Herr Kman appreciates all comments towards his person, whether they be negative or positive (preferably negative, he's pretty weird that way). He loves to reply with a positive comment as well, even if you insulted him! Everyone wins! Well, except Kman if you decided to leave a negative comment of course. But he's okay with that.

He strongly agrees with his page quote.


"Well, that was quite the bit of nostalgic reprieve! I haven't told that story in quite a while. Y'know, I've personally never given much thought to the fellow. I just sort of blindly told the fable as it was passed down; generation to generation. But after spinning the yarn of the tale so many times and having so many long years to think and contemplate long and hard on the classic story of Herr Kman with my years of experience and wisdom to aid my wits, I've come to quite the conclusion...

The man sounds like an asshole."

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