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Eevee Lord will try to tackle this a bit at a time..

Eevee Lord has discovered that orchestrating an entire page is "Too Taxing". Eevee Lord is a patron of accuracy, however, and enjoys making corrections. This could qualify Eevee Lord as a Synergist, but if your entry suffers a deletion, a justification is ALWAYS given, so please avoid the use of the label Sabetour...

Eevee Lord discovered the Laconic subpages about a year ago, and has begun supporting them.

Eevee Lord strongly believes that Vampires do not make a good protagonists, so much so that when enjoying a certain game, the Avatar of choice is a water version of Gaara, who hunts them. "Water Gaara" believes his sister's Ex-boyfriend-turned-Vampire is somehow responsible. Use of Vampires as goals, Princesses, (Distressed or not), Hero support, Object of affection, Magic Sensei, Et Cetera, is perfectly acceptable.

Eevee Lord is saddened by the recent realization that, without some serious money changing hands, there will never be another great Mega Man video game within the time Eevee Lord has remaining. Worse, Eevee Lord was POSITIVE Keiji Inafune had a final episode in mind for the original series, but because of Capcom's constant mistreatment of one of their GREATEST talents, it shall not come to pass.

If Eevee Lord is ever fortunate to win the varrious lotteries(lotterys?) now played in several states, the winnings will be used to pry the license for NES's Earth Bound from Nintendo's cold, uncaring clutches, in order to see it, at long last, released internationally.

Speaking of, it has been recently verified that Eevee Lord's father purchased for his offspring Beginner's Luck at character creation. Good job, Dad!

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