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Μηνιν αϝειδε Θεά Πηληϊαδεω Αχιλῆος
ουλομενην ἥ μῡρί' Αχαιoῖς αλγε' εθηκε
—The beginning of Homer's Iliad ϝ 

Digamma: The ancient Greek letter ϝ, offering a /w/ sound, which fell out of use from the various dialects around 1000 BC. It was rediscovered by the English scholar Richard Bentley, who used it to explain odd aspects of the meter in Homer. Also stood for the number 6 in the ancient Milesian numeral system (thanks to its handwritten appearance, it was eventually conflated with a ligature of a lunate sigma and tau, the stigma: ϛ).


Oh, you wanted to know about the person? In that case, Digamma is a troper turned contributor. As for random info, ϝ has recently been lurking about the mythology areas of this wiki, particularly Greek and Roman mythology. Additionally, Digamma is sometimes prone to understatement, enjoys the use of third person, and defies personal pronouns — the troper will simply refer to ϝself with the Greek letter.

A note on the focus on mythology: as many of ϝ's favorite series are well taken care of on here, Digamma enjoys focusing on more unknown/forgotten works from Ancient Greece and Rome. Like the six lost epics of The Trojan Cycle, for instance. That way, anyone vaguely curious about the more obscure stuff can read about it here. Ϝ intends to add many other ancient works eventually, including far more of the tragedians' existent plays.


While roaming the wiki, Digamma has a tendency to offer some Wiki Magic to help support pages in need of it. Alternatively, ϝ might just add a work to Needs Wiki Magic Love if ϝ really knows nothing about it. In the case of a work, after all, There Is No Such Thing As Notability.

Contributions Digamma has made include:


Edits Digamma has made include:

  • Various edits, often in sections to do with mythology.
    • A number of these edits include correcting misspellings of the works' names. It's The Iliad with one 'L,' lads and lasses. Similarly, The Odyssey only has one 'D.' Both very common mistakes, which ϝ admits having made ϝself before.
  • Other edits, in utterly random sections, really — usually a matter of indexing pages, italicizing work titles, or fixing up grammar and spelling.
  • Edited the Time Bomb trope to make it Self Demonstrating.
  • Has lately been helping out with example sorting, and has fixed up the following pages:
  • A few other things which Digamma seems to have forgotten. Ah well.


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