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Punctuated Titles

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The following is a historical document. To learn about the current system for creating punctuated titles, see The Ptitle Replacement System.

Because of a shortcoming in the TV Tropes software, articles with titles that can't be expressed as a traditional WikiWord have to use an entirely different system known as "ptitles".

To make a ptitle:

  • Create a link to the title you want, but do it by enclosing the title within [=~example text goes here~=] instead of {{these}}. (If you need a page to do this on, use the Wiki Sandbox.) Place the content you want for the page there, then create an article with a punctuation-less title which redirects to the punctuated page's wiki title (as found in your address bar- it's the bit that starts with "ptitle" and is followed by an arbitrary sequence of letters and numbers), as detailed in Creating New Redirects.
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  • When you index a ptitled page, use pothole markup instead of ptitle markup. That is, your page's entry on the index should look like this:

    * [[{{ptitlexybbnn9c}} Your Trope!]]

And not like this:

* [=~Your Trope!~=]

Because this is such a pain, a title without punctuation should be preferred to one with punctuation when Naming a Trope.