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Eyy I'm back as an active Troper. This is my old page. I last edited it in 2012 before I went to college. Enjoy a very minor revamp.

Male troper from the US.

I fell into the dark hole known as TV Tropes one day when I was stumbling on Battle for Wesnoth (which I now no longer play that much). I'm active (or used to be active) on several websites using the exact username right now: Darkaros! Currently, I'm mostly active on Twitch. I used to be active on Kongregate, but that's been shelved since money exists and so does Steam.

I don't really chat on the forums, except to occasionally ask questions, and I'd rather just lurk and contribute to the wiki. I have been a troper since around January 2010. I prefer Entry Pimping works that I like, which I also curate.

The following stuff in two folders below I have not bothered to look at since aforementioned 2012 edit.

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Pages I've contributed to a fair chunk and curate, (Or try to):

Anime and Manga

Fan Fic

Video Games

  • Cave Story: Must restart game since I screwed up saving Curly, realizing it as I got to the Last Cave (Hidden). At least I managed to get the normal ending. Also wrote a Haiku and did a bunch of folder organizing on the Headscratchers subpage.
  • Lord of the Rings: The Third Age: Moved out of ptitle page, into correct namespace, and created the YMMV subpage.
  • Magicka: Created the Trivia subpage.
  • Runescape: Five-year veteran of this game at level 81. I don't play as much as other people, but maybe that's why I'm still occasionally playing: I never played too much at one time to get bored of it. Really like Dungeoneering, can not understand why people bash RS when its Free content is better than most flash games. Username: Beginer 565 (Yes, it's mispelled, I was 10.)

Web Comics

Web Games

Web Original

Other works that I'm a fan of (Including the ones above):

Anime and Manga

Fan Fic



Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation

Feel free to vandalize starting here:

Just to ssay thanks for the help in setting up a page! Much appreciated. (Ag Prov)