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Created in 1990, this Troper was intended to be a hardworking and productive member of society. Much to his parent's eternal woe, he instead got hooked on Science Fiction, Fantasy and thus DOTMW was born.

Getting his start writing bad fanfiction, he has throughly consistently sought newer and more exciting forms of his favorite genres. Following the Western Speculative Fiction Drought of the early 2000's, he turned his interest to Anime and Manga, getting hooked on giant robots (NICE!), Shounen Heroes, and magical girls...What?


Since then, he has lead a double life as a closet geek who can only recently began embracing his true self. While waiting for an original idea for a book to strike, he can be seen practicing his craft, writing fanfiction here -> [1]

Tropes Describing DOTMW

  • Aloof Big Brother-Not intentionally, but his scatterbrained lifestyle occasionally causes him to neglect his family.
  • BadassLongcoat-Has Three
  • BerserkButton -Violence against women, self-centered asshats, Twilight
  • Deadpan Snarker -To the point of rudeness. Never get sit him and his sister down in front of Twilight if you like the series
  • Fangirl -Though few have seen it and reports are rare, this Troper has been known to squee like a fangirl at the hint of Ship Tease and occasionally watches shows/plays games/reads books strictly for the romance.
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  • Genius Bruiser- The genius bit is debatable, but he has religiously kept up his martial arts training while making honors at the university
  • The Stoic- Don't let his expression fool you: he is really excited to be here.
  • Took a Level in Badass -Twice. Once between middle-school and high school where he dropped fifty pounds and started running and once between junior and senior year in high school where he stopped being a little bitch about being an unlucky childhood friendand got his life together.
  • Would Not Hit a Girl -See BerserkButton


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