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Nobody Smurf wrote this in a review. ch57. -Mortimer writes a Letter-

To his Excellency, the Pope of the Brimiric Church,

Certain Rumours have recently come to our attention, and by rumours I mean the Eyewitness Testimony of one on whose Word I would stake my life, regarding certain Activities attributed to the Good Lord Cromwell in Albion. We are given to understand that while this individual is not a Subject of the Crown of Tristain, nor subordinate to any other authority in this Great Nation, he does claim to act on the Authority of the Holy Church of which you Lead, and as such we have been advised by the Esteemed Cardinal Mazarin to direct this missive to Yourself.

Certain of our People have inadvertently found themselves stranded in the Nation of Albion, which we are told is undergoing a Civil War. Thus swept up in that Unpleasant Business, we must sadly inform you that there were Fatalities. You can imagine our surprise when at a later date, two of our Lost Ones, believed Dead, turned up in service of the Reconquista. One of these in particular did merrily extol the "Virtues of serving the Founder in Death", all while brutally Murdering her erstwhile Compatriots. As even tearing out her Heart did not lay our former Daughter to her Eternal Rest, we are forced to conclude that her appearance of Life was but a Semblance.

While we Fae would welcome the Restoration of Life and Love as an Holy Miracle, the Desecration of our Dead as described above is roundly regarded by us as an Affront to Nature, an Unholy Abomination, and in all around Bad Taste. While we have been assured by the Good Cardinal that your Faith does not condone Necromancy, and while we do not wish to imply that Your Person was in any way Involved, we cannot let this Detestable Thing go unanswered. As such, we do officially lodge this Formal Complaint against such Practice as was committed against our People.

Yours respectfully, Lord Mortimer of the Salamanders, writing on behalf of the Fae Council.

The Tease. "Kallen pecked her cheek and said, “Goodbye, honey. I'll be back in time for dinner.” Then she jumped out of the ship backwards. "

Flashback Echoes "Her hands shook. Her heart skipped a beat. The thoughts she suppressed returned with a vengeance! Surrounded by fog, factory ruined, mutations everywhere. Sister! Sister, help me! It hurts! Big sister! Kallen shook her head just in time to dodge the next acid spit. "

Mercy Kill " “You poor thing...” she muttered. “You won't be in pain for much longer.” "

My Greatest Second Chance " The image of Patrick Lumberson flashed through her mind. The image of her sister followed. Then a deluge of all the other people from Siduban whose lives she ended. She shook her head.

“No. Not this time. I can save him.”

“You can?”

“Yes. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.”"

Straw Man " “Shadow, I’m sorry you’re so ugly. I shouldn’t have made you like that. It’s a reflection of my self-doubt and hatred. I didn’t think I could measure up to the real you, so I created a straw man to make myself feel better. From now on, no more mud flinging for me. You deserve better than that.” "

Cryptic Conversation "“I am nondescript. I am overlooked. I am hidden in plain sight. I am your true self revealed and concealed simultaneously. You will not truly know yourself until you find me, but with me, you cannot truly know yourself. Light the path until you see only darkness. If you can do this, then you will achieve true earthly enlightenment.” "

Make Them Rot as well as Rapid Aging "“Rot and decay. Rot and decay. Rot and decay. Rot and decay!”

It swung a scythe of warped wood and rusty metal into the symbol for infinity.

“The steady corrosion of the solid and the strong is perfectly suited to one such as you! A scavenger of spirits and drinker of dregs found rebirth in the ashes of the past. Surely it is no coincidence that of all the authorities of Death, you chose the one closest to Chaos!” "

White Coat of Medicine. "It was a green-haired person wearing a white coat and possessing certain characteristics that registered as “female. "

Is It Something You Eat " Kallen applauded. “Good, now let's go find him.” She stood up and walked to the door. “However, you might want to put some clothes on first.”

“What are clothes? Are they something to eat?”"

So Proud of You " Basilard tried to say something, but couldn't, and just held Eric tighter. The four of them remained in their embrace until Basilard was ready to speak.

“I'm so proud of you,” he said at last.

Eric smiled as a warm feeling filled his chest and belly. He set his head back against Basilard's tunic and it was soon as wet as his own"

I stumbled onto this site one day, I forget exactly how, and one of the first pages I read was FLCL. That should tell you all you need to know about my name. Though another early one was Xanatos Gambit....Anyway, since then I have struggled mightly to prevent TV Tropes from ruining my life, and in fact, I found the opposite to be true. I've learned so much about literary devices and story telling since coming to this site. Particularly vocabularly; it's easier to brainstorm now that I have quick references to character traits and plot elements.

Member of the former CHOPSTICKS group and in the past I completed a wick clean up for Yamato Nadeshiko. Also the self-proclaimed curator of Beyond the Impossible and working on its clean up; I removed over six thousand old definition/misuse wicks before I finished. Now I'm on the look out for future misuse. I also do clean up on Xanatos Gambit and brought it down to the 800s while spreading The Plan. Yeah, I've got a lot on my plate.

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