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Create a character sheet for her. " Vaya blinked. “Tasio? I have no acquaintances by that name. A white-haired boy with pink eyes told me a friend of his was locked up in here. He begged me to save this friend, then he died of a grievous injury.” She dabbed the corners of her eyes. “A lady honors last requests.”"

Vitorlic Best Buds "“As the good book says, ‘The Trickster grants favors to people he laughs at.’” "

Painful Transformation "“She broke her vocal cords from screaming, so I put her into a trance. I'll fix them once the transformation is complete.”"

Thank Your Prey " Vaya nodded and did her level best to pull her across the corridor. Once her body lay over his, Zettai lay her left hand against his chest. The bloody hand created a crimson circle and her fingers sank into it until they closed around a pulsing organ. Mentally, she apologized and thanked him, then she pulled out his heart. Immediately, she took a bite and then another until it was gone. "

Plucky Girl. Awful Truth "Despite learning the awful truth of her origin for the second time, Vaya screwed up her courage. Then she jumped out from behind Basilard and into Neuro’s face. She pointed at him with such ferocity that he stumbled back a step. "

To Be Lawful Or Good "Basilard followed her. It would have been faster to carry her, but he didn’t trust himself with something as fragile as a teenage civilian. In his current state of mind, he might break her by accident. Bladi Conversion was a forbidden art and now he had to choose between a lawful killing and a benevolent rescue. Blood Drinker hummed in anticipation of its coming meal. "

Power Dyes Your Hair "Her skin was pale where it wasn’t rotten. Her hair was now completely red with not a trace of blonde to be found. Her irises were the same color, but her eyes as a whole were glazed over. There was no rise and fall in her chest, not even the mild ones allowed by her corset. "

Fearless Fool. Death Seeker. In Harms Way "Although the majority of Ceihans avoided this mountain like The Trickster, there was always a handful stupid enough to enter. Those with curiosity to sate, or despair to melt, or adventure lust to gratify came. Regardless, most transformed into the B class monsters now standing in front of him."

Silk Hiding Steel / Badass Boast"“H-he was still in the l-lair.” She pointed in the direction she came from. “The entrance is back there…We left it open, right, Vaya?”

“A lady exposes the wicked so the righteous may smash them into tiny pieces.” "

Boss Subtitles "A voice whispered in his ear, “Boss fight: The Plight of Familicide-Grendel!” "

Paedo Hunt "Although his face remained skeletal, Zettai got the impression that he was leering at her.

“There are a number of things I did to little girls when I was mortal. If you’re so sure I think like one, perhaps I should do those things to you.” "

Servile Snarker "“Boss, why do you like aggravating death gods?”

“Because I don’t like them, and I plan to become a being greater than their boss.”

Emily shook her head but didn’t reply. "

Godzilla Threshold "Looking around, Tiza scanned the horde for known breeds and quickly guesstimated what they were and what they could do. Large, old, grown strong on a diet of Fog and the mana-drenched meat of others, they ranked as B class monsters. She took stock of her equipment and her allies and possible strategies in a moment. Then she closed her eyes, removed her safety mask, and muttered, “Spider Daylra, all conditions have been met.” The monsters pounced. She opened her eyes and shouted, “Light come forth!” "

Freudian Slip "“As I am Chaos, you are Order divine. As the sun to the moon, you shall shine. Take my power and me mine!” His slip made his face burn. He swore he could hear The Trickster laughing. “I mean like a ley line! MANA TRANSFER!” "

Rule Number One. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. "Nolien beat himself on the head. The voice from before laughed and ridiculed him. In his panic, he had forgotten Rule Number One of Healing. The Griffocratic Oath stated that, above all, a healer must never harm someone they’re trying to help. By providing her with so much unregulated mana, he pushed her closer to mana poisoning and monsanity. "

Bridal Carry " Nolien put one arm under Tiza’s shoulders and another under her knees. Her head settled into the crease of his shoulder. Ignoring the others' stares, he carried her into Albatross IX. The impact had tossed loose articles to the floor and Nolien took care in stepping around them. He found the cabin and nudged the ajar door open with his foot. Ever so gently, he laid her on the bed and tucked her in."

The Tease. "Kallen pecked her cheek and said, “Goodbye, honey. I'll be back in time for dinner.” Then she jumped out of the ship backwards. "

Flashback Echoes "Her hands shook. Her heart skipped a beat. The thoughts she suppressed returned with a vengeance! Surrounded by fog, factory ruined, mutations everywhere. Sister! Sister, help me! It hurts! Big sister! Kallen shook her head just in time to dodge the next acid spit. "

Mercy Kill " “You poor thing...” she muttered. “You won't be in pain for much longer.” "

Always A Bigger Fish " A shadow appeared in the Fog behind the lizard. It was smaller but suddenly grew bigger until its foot was larger than the lizard. While the reptile searched for Kallen, the shadow stomped it into paste. Two clawed feet planted themselves to both sides and a pelican beak descended. It enclosed the corpse and its skin folds lit up. Kallen saw the outline of a second creature ripping and chewing the lizard. Then the avian leaned back and swallowed the minced meat."

My Greatest Second Chance " The image of Patrick Lumberson flashed through her mind. The image of her sister followed. Then a deluge of all the other people from Siduban whose lives she ended. She shook her head.

“No. Not this time. I can save him.”

“You can?”

“Yes. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.”"

Straw Man " “Shadow, I’m sorry you’re so ugly. I shouldn’t have made you like that. It’s a reflection of my self-doubt and hatred. I didn’t think I could measure up to the real you, so I created a straw man to make myself feel better. From now on, no more mud flinging for me. You deserve better than that.” "

Cryptic Conversation "“I am nondescript. I am overlooked. I am hidden in plain sight. I am your true self revealed and concealed simultaneously. You will not truly know yourself until you find me, but with me, you cannot truly know yourself. Light the path until you see only darkness. If you can do this, then you will achieve true earthly enlightenment.” "

Make Them Rot as well as Rapid Aging "“Rot and decay. Rot and decay. Rot and decay. Rot and decay!”

It swung a scythe of warped wood and rusty metal into the symbol for infinity.

“The steady corrosion of the solid and the strong is perfectly suited to one such as you! A scavenger of spirits and drinker of dregs found rebirth in the ashes of the past. Surely it is no coincidence that of all the authorities of Death, you chose the one closest to Chaos!” "

White Coat of Medicine. "It was a green-haired person wearing a white coat and possessing certain characteristics that registered as “female. "

Is It Something You Eat " Kallen applauded. “Good, now let's go find him.” She stood up and walked to the door. “However, you might want to put some clothes on first.”

“What are clothes? Are they something to eat?”"

So Proud of You " Basilard tried to say something, but couldn't, and just held Eric tighter. The four of them remained in their embrace until Basilard was ready to speak.

“I'm so proud of you,” he said at last.

Eric smiled as a warm feeling filled his chest and belly. He set his head back against Basilard's tunic and it was soon as wet as his own"

I stumbled onto this site one day, I forget exactly how, and one of the first pages I read was FLCL. That should tell you all you need to know about my name. Though another early one was Xanatos Gambit....Anyway, since then I have struggled mightly to prevent TV Tropes from ruining my life, and in fact, I found the opposite to be true. I've learned so much about literary devices and story telling since coming to this site. Particularly vocabularly; it's easier to brainstorm now that I have quick references to character traits and plot elements.

Member of the former CHOPSTICKS group and in the past I completed a wick clean up for Yamato Nadeshiko. Also the self-proclaimed curator of Beyond the Impossible and working on its clean up; I removed over six thousand old definition/misuse wicks before I finished. Now I'm on the look out for future misuse. I also do clean up on Xanatos Gambit and brought it down to the 800s while spreading The Plan. Yeah, I've got a lot on my plate.

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