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Bocaj [Proper noun]
2. the name of an messenger angel in an apocryphal book of the New Testament
3. a Sanskrit word meaning "potato-bearer"
4. the name "Jacob" spelled backwards
5. a compulsive liar

My favorite stuffs:

The thing about Boxcar is HE ALWAYS MISSPELLS BOXCARS — Zudak

bOnK! — Teebert

Bocaj is often fast and horrible. — Zudak again.

Ceiling Nepeta is watching you vandalize this page. ~ CapedLuigisYoshi

You are the Joker of Touhou pics. ~ Sincerely, Raz_Fox

Waka waka! - TakerFoxx

Greetings, minion! - Ozbourne

Your name shall be scrawled across the pages of history in fire, steel and marshmallows. Backwards. I have foreseen it. -Durazno

For some strange reason, you are now one of my internet role models. Be surprised -Cassie

Spending all of Saturday watching Doctor Who? you're a Doctor Who fan? BROFIST. - TARDISES

You do know that you're awesome, right? - Karasu91


I accidentally clicked onto your page, but you're pretty cool. - Replica

I still have no clue what your avatar's supposed to be - Ninety

I like you and have no reason not to! - kay4today

So, we share a birthday. Huh. -Anura