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Some MP in the US Military. He pulls people over for speeding a lot. :(

Has strabismic amblyopia.

Vandalism place, leave your messages k?

  • Coming from a military family background, I want you to know that you're one of the two conservative military types that I've encountered, and listening to your thoughts does not make me want to have Juggernaut stomp Bic ballpoints into my ear canals. You're a very decent sort of chap. -ExterminatorZed
  • Has the best answers for those tough military life questions. A good got to guy. Tuefel.
  • carves USMC on your wall with a KA-BAR.
  • Another awesome fellow.
  • So how many Army people make fun of you for not just being Air Force, but an Air Force MP? (I can't hear them from my air conditioned suite, no clue)
  • I enjoy your posts very much. You have an energetic, common-sense style that really helps move discussions along. Sorry that's not derogatory enough for you :}
  • Vandalization for great justice! You're a good troper to have around.
  • Top class Troper with whom I hope to have many more fascinating discussions. - Flanker 66
  • Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it. I salute thee, soldier, most valiant and strong! - Krrackknut.
  • You definitely seem like an interesting fellow. I want to talk with you! -Jeffrey
  • My Dad Was int he Chairforce for awhile. You're a pretty cool guy. ~Lanceleoghauni
  • Less insufferable than most conservatives. C+! —Karalora
    • (Oh, also, my stepsister is USAF Reserve.)
  • I'm gonna try to be vague and hope you get what I mean. You mirrored my own frustrations when you said what you said about self-diagnosis on this forum. THANKYOU. — Amarys
  • You're a pretty cool dude. -Lolipod Distortion
  • You're a pretty cool guy, guy! —SoberIrishman
  • One of the most thoughtful and reasonable online personae I've met in 14 years. You ever get posted over here, I'd buy you a beer. —kurushio
  • The great thing about this site is that I get to find people who aren't Too Dumb to Live, and you sir are one of those people. I award you an Internet. —Ekuran
  • Barkey, you get a Von Lewis Medal of Awesome. - Mark Von Lewis
  • Handier'n a leatherman.
  • Hi there! Just wanted to say you're all right. - Mayu Zane
  • You're one of the biggest sources of common sense we have on the forums. Someone here has their head on straight. - Game Chainsaw.
  • I meant to do this earlier, but I was rather strung-out on the aforementioned 36-hour all-nighter. Thank you for your service to our country, and have a Happy 4th of July! — USAF 713
  • Just wanted to say your insights on military related or other matters are highly appreciated :D ~D Roy
  • i think Barkley is a pretty cool guy. eh wrestles bears and doesnt afraid of anything. —Johnnyfog.
  • Dropping in to say I always appreciate your input on military and law enforcement topics bro. You always seem to have something worth listening to, despite the whole right wing handicap, and the fact that ex-military invariable tend to make shit cops :3 - Sandor.
  • Thanks both for your service and your ability to discuss things calmly and rationally in OTC. The first goes without saying, and the second is a little too rare for my taste. —Vericrat
  • From Recruit Rabbit to Guardsman Barkey: stop reading my mind and posting my opinions before I can. But seriously, you win at everything ever. — Hourai Rabbit