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An American law student with enough free time on his hands to play around on TV Tropes. Has family from two different (often belligerent) sides of the world, which has shaped his worldview to an extent.

Reads, plays video games, and DMs for a small group of friends. When he has the time he tries to stay up on recent politics and news, but he doesn't always like being depressed so he sometimes needs to keep a healthy distance from them. Odd, considering his undergrad was Political Science/Legal Studies.


His political leanings are mostly to the left, with a healthy dose of individualism from the right. He can't stand people doing end-runs around the Constitution, Article V exists for a reason. Somewhat counterintuitively, he still believes that the Constitution is an evolving document.

Come find him in OTC, he's usually hanging out there ready to debate something or other.

His TV Tropes project for the moment is getting the Star Trek The Next Generation page fixed.

His interests are pretty vanilla for the type...

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    Sexual fetishes 
  • Made you look. Oh, don't look so disappointed.
  • Nope, not even behind the spoiler tag.


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