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Ah, the agony of finally deciding to write a troper page for myself. Even if I'm a Superego.

Well, anyway, my hobbies really only include Gaming, playing frequet games of Warhammer and 40K alike, Troping on this very site and pissing off Securitons.

I, due to Locoman, a fellow troper, have been inducted into a Power Trio and earnt myself the title of The Spock. My fellow trio members include desdendelle, The Kirk and Fusionman, The Mccoy. They're also, according to my minute brain, are the first 'friends' I made on this site. We're currently looking to expand to a Five-Man Band, but lack people...


I am currently in a number of RPG's, the main ones being:

  • The Massive Multi Fandom RPG
  • Lord Of The Rings: The Silmaril crusade
  • Pokemon In The City
  • Percy Jackson and the War of the Gods
  • Twilight of the Gods

Yeah, I'll add more to the list.

This section is for the Tropers who wish to contribute any comments on my page!

  • Very well, Spock: VANDALISM!!! -des

  • I'm afraid my mental image of you will forever be a sandwich within a sandwich. Wichception. -Hydrall

  • Now Spock the war begins! I EAT YOUR SANDWICH! -Fusionman

Not sure what other sections to make...Aha, this section is for section ideas and suggestions!
  • Add some tropes, Spock. You need them. -desdendelle

  • MINIONS ASSEMBLE! Now that my minions have arrived with my secret chemicals my evil plan will commence! We will take this viscous liquid, AND PAINT A MURAL! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA! -Azreal341

Aha! Now, to add tropes!


Feel free to add or comment any tropes you contributors like, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?