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It's pronounced stegosaurus, you asshole.
Ardebitis, on the word "thesaurus."

Ardebitis is a troper... Yeah... That's pretty much all you have to know about him...

This page is much more centered around characters imagined by Ardebitis, and created through the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game City Of Heroes.


That guy creeps me out. Considering I'm in a bar filled with murderers and demons, that's saying a lot.
—Random Pocket D Patron.
Jei is a brain in a robot body, formerly an assassin for the Nihilistic villain group known as Black Tie. As Ardebitis' oldest character still in use, Jei has been captured, tortured, dismembered, undismembered, re-dismembered, killed, and publicly humiliated. Five years of being strapped to a table, with the occasional visit by an evil scientist who performs some Unwilling Roboticisation, along with all the abuse he's taken after his escape, has left him with no morals, no respect for human life, and nothing to prevent him from doing his job...

...However, a recent hard drive wipe has left him seeking out a new, better life.

  • Anti-Hero: Jei was one of these for a short while, before joining Black Tie.
  • Fragile Speedster
  • Machine Monotone
  • Tainted Veins: Until he became full-robot, Jei's third robot body had red veins visible along the face. This is because they were transporting a substance he simply calls Juice, which allows his human brain to keep up with the incredible speeds he travels.
  • That Came Out Wrong: After settling into his thrid robot body, Jei concluded that he was becoming less and less human, and decided to clone himself to preserve his DNA. However, he wanted the clone to be genetically diverse by combining its cell with another human's. This led to a very awkward conversation with one of the female members of Black Tie...
    • Jei: I require your help creating a child.
  • That One Boss: Though technically a player character rather than a boss, Jei definitely qualifies for three reasons: One, he has a cloaking device, preventing him from being seen through traditional methods. Two, he recently became full-robot, eliminating his past weakness to psionics, as well as eliminating the possibility of detecting him psionically or magically. Three, he is really, really fast and agile, making him amazingly hard to hit even if he can be seen. His only obvious weakness is that he's laughably flimsy.
  • Wetware CPU: Until recently, Jei was a brain in a robot body.

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