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My avatar : Saki Nijino (chibi vers.)

It's " AceNoctali ", TV Tropes !! Not "Ace Noctali", dammit !!

Ahem... Hi everyone, French Troper here. I like TV Tropes' concept, and would like to participate in it, especially for the shows, manga and games I like.

Entry Pimp for the Tokimeki Memorial series and Mitsumete Knight, and fan, among others, of Fire Emblem : Seisen no Keifu, Captain Tsubasa, Toradora, Streets Of Rage, Puyo Puyo, and more.

Able to read and understand French (mother tongue), English (at almost bilingual level), and Japanese (rather fluently).

I've mostly contributed to these:

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Created these:

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And plan to create these: