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In the event that you people feel the need to say things about me, or something involving tropes, here's a wall.



  • Salutations mighty devourer of universes! I most certainly hope that our universe is spared from your hunger, at least for a while. I wish you a most wondrous and fortuitous day! - Laithelryn
    • And an equally good day to you too! -Engie
  • If you agree not to eat our universe, the Star Wars universe or the Kingdom Hearts universe, then we're cool. —Too Many Ideas
    • No worries. Those ones are protected, I'd have the IUPC on my ass faster than you can say "dammit" if I tried anything. -Engie
  • Um. Greetings. I do have an entirely random question; do you eat anything other than universes? - Shane Bane Neumann
  • Current chain: two vandalisms. This can probably not end well. So, how are you? - Shane Bane Neumann
  • Hello. I was just wondering: What's your favorite universe to eat? - Princess Gwen.
    • I've never really had a favorite type, although if I had to pick one... hmm. I'll get back to you on that. -Engie
  • A Cow was here he has since gone~MooGoesCow21
  • Wow, someone who's actually older than me, I feel like such a kid now at just over 600. - Ozbourne
    • Dagnabbit, youngsters these days. -Engie
  • -locke passes by, tipping their hat in mutual respect for another Eldritch Abomination-
  • Hey there Engie. Ever tried eating TV Tropes? -DarknessAwaits
  • Hey there dear. Just decided to pay you a visit~ ♡ - Ichi
  • Hello, s-sir... I'm just gonna, erm, leave this here if you don't mind... o///o -D
  • Engie, for dinner, do you prefer positrons or electrons in your universes? -Pastry Person
  • Something, something, boys.

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