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Welcome to my page.. It is I, Pastry Person. Who is "Pastry Person", you ask? Well, I'm a 15 year old African-American high school student, who usually hangs 'round the Trash Heap. I love jokes, humor, humorous jokes, and jokingly being humorous. In a nutshell, I'm somewhat of a joker. :p

     Tropes That Apply To Me 

  • Troper: This is still being worked out by a team of mods, admins, and wizards, but very likely yes, I am a troper.

  • Big Eater: I like eating. I mean, I really like eating.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Pre-teenage me, yes. Was so much of one of these that I'm pretty sure I came off as insane to a bunch of people.

  • Crossdresser: Back in middle school, I used to put on one of my sister's skirts over a pair of jeans, put one a bit of makeup and a wig on the Wednesday directly before Halloween, when we were supposed to dress weirdly. It was actually quite convincing at a distance, actually. Made a lot of people laugh. Also confused them.