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Trivia / X-Statix

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  • Executive Meddling:
    • The new name was mandated due to Marvel fearing that they would have to pay royalties to Rob Liefeld for the use of the name X-Force.
    • Marvel shot down "Di Another Day", a storyline that would have featured Princess Di coming back from the dead and joining the team, because of outrage from the United Kingdom. Instead, readers got "Back from the Dead", a convoluted, messy storyline in which a generic celebrity comes back from the dead and joins the team.
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    • After a tweak in Marvel's standards and practices, X-Statix got moved to the Marvel Knights imprint for its final arc.
  • Schedule Slip: After Marvel vetoed "Di Another Day", Milligan and Allred were forced to rework it into the arc called "Back from the Dead". The resultant delays were a major factor in the book's dropping sales and eventual cancellation.
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: Peter Milligan bloodily slaughtered all the surviving team members in the book's final issue. Not that this stopped him from revisiting some of them for a miniseries set in the afterlife.

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