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Trivia / Wearing the Cape

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  • Mutually Fictional: One side example. In the world of Grrl Power Sentinels is just a popular TV show (at least until Hope arrived on a dimension hopping adventure. No word if Sydney's adventures are are webcomic (or some other format) in Hope's native reality yet.)
  • Shrug of God: A bit more than ten years ago, the Event changed the world. What caused the Event? What is the source of breakthrough powers? When cornered, the author has been known to say "I don't know. But I have some ideas." And he smiles. (Author note: For those seeking clarity, Mr. Harmon has also looked at the Shrug of God trope page and pointed out #8 as the chief culprit. This puts this Shrug of God firmly into the Riddle for the Ages sub-trope.)
    • Amusingly, in an omake for the Institute Saga fanfic, one of the characters wonders if all the energy that Thanos was trying to channel just prior to his defeat by Squirrel Girl could have caused the Event.

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