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YMMV / Wearing the Cape

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  • Les Yay: Astra and Jackie have a very close friendship. Astra has shades of this with Shell too, despite their (mental) age differences. The former gets lampshades when Jackie shows Hope a tabloid magazine which seems to show them undressing in the back of a car (they are getting changed from civilian clothes into their superhero uniforms).
    • Played with between Kitsune and Hope as the former is a girl roughly half the time.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Fans are split on whether the canonical Kitsune and Hope pairing is adorable and hilarious or an unwanted Romantic Plot Tumor. This isn't helped by the Ship Tease between Hope and Seven, Hope and Grendel, and even Hope and Jackie (see above), making it hard to tell exactly which paring is the Fan-Preferred Couple.

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