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Trivia / We Have All Been Gender Flipped

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ironcommando was originally planning to join with his character Eisen, an Energy Being from the Otherworld who Was Once a Man, as well as the villains of her arc, the Otherworld and its agents. However, due to real life issues and a busy schedule, he decided to pull out before the character was even introduced.
    • Black Mage Anolis was planning on featuring a plotline that would have made Joanna's Sanity Slippage more pronounced as well as serving as a Deconstruction on what the game had become. After the shootout on Kalliope-Fermor, she was going to have delusions that she was a spy before she ended up on the Companion which would have ultimately driven her over the deep end when the delusions started to go away. The spy angle was later incorporated into her reboot iteration.

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