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Trivia / Torchwood S1 E4 "Cyberwoman"

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  • Deleted Scene: The original ending to the episode is where Toshiko hands Ianto coffee while he is cleaning the Hub. However, after it was filmed, Strong decided to cut that scene out, as he felt the overhead shot of the Hub before that scene would have made a more suitable ending.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: The producers consider this one of their favourite episodes. The fandom considers this the show's single worst episode.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In writing the beginning, Chris Chibnall envisaged Ianto meeting Tanizaki at an airport and then escorting him to a hotel before entering the Hub, however that was cut from the final draft as it would be an expensive sequence to film.
    • In the first draft, Ianto was the one who killed Lisa.
  • Word Of God: Jack has a cut lip in the end, even though he is immortal and all his wounds would have healed quickly. In the DVD Commentary for the episode, both Chris Chibnall and Gareth David-Lloyd stated the reasoning behind the cut being there is because Jack's immortal powers would only deal with life-threatening wounds and not minor injuries.
  • Working Title: The Trouble with Lisa, The Long Night of Ianto.


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