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Trivia / The Road Warriors

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  • Breakup Breakout: Kensuke Sasaki (Power Warrior) was successful teaming with Hawk Warrior but he eventually held all three major Japanese World Titles (New Japan's IWGP, All Japan's Triple Crown, Noah's GHC).
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Ozzy Osbourne's "Hellraiser" when teaming with Kensuke Sasaki (Power Warrior).
  • What Could Have Been: In 2001, Animal was contacted by Shigeru Saeki, founder of the Mixed Martial Arts company DEEP. Saeki was known for his liking to book professional wrestlers in MMA fights, and he wanted Animal to fight Kengo Watanabe, but Animal turned down the fight.
    • The Warriors were writing a book about their careers when Hawk died unexpectedly in 2003.

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