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  • What Could Have Been: Sky revealed on Tumblr recently that she originally had a much darker vision for When The World Ends: The Mirage Arceus would have done too much damage for Arceus to fix, necessitating a "reset" of the timeline in order to save the universe. The final scene would be Ash waking up in his bed as a ten-year-old, with the implication that this new timeline was, in fact, the one from the anime. Additionally, both Drew and Misty would have actually died rather than merely suffering fakeout deaths, while Leaf, Delia, and even Ash himself were going to die as well note . This ending likely explains the story's title, given that this ending would have indeed featured the end of world that the series had established. However, Sky decided to change it to the more upbeat (but still bittersweet) conclusion we got, and spare these characters from the chopping block, as she found it too similar to an All Just a Dream ending and had ideas for how the series could continue after WTWE.

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