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Trivia / Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack

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  • Canon Discontinuity: How Toei has treated B-Robo Kabutack and this series as of late - while the series were listed in one of the Super Hero Taihen specials, said list also included Moerro!! Robocon, which is definitely NOT a Metal Heroes series, so it was likely referring to series that had come out during the period of time that Kamen Rider was on hiatusnote ; later, Super Hero Taisen Z showed a list of the Metal Heroes series, with Kabutack and Robotack both being absent from said list; additionally, these 2 are the only series that have not received DVD re-releases.
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  • Franchise Killer: While the shift towards being aimed more at kids began with the previous series, it was due to the poor ratings of this series that led to Toei pulling the plug on the Metal Heroes Franchise.note  While Toei has given the franchise a second chance as of late with the Space Sheriff revival films, this series seems to have killed any chance of the franchise returning to TV.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series has never been released on DVD, save for the crossover with Kabutack.
  • Missing Episode: Much like its predecessor, Kabutack, the series is for the entire Metal Heroes franchise, as not only is it the only one to not be released on DVD in any form save for a few specials, but Toei themselves seem to pretend that it never happened.

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