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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Multiple X-Men attractions were proposed for Islands of Adventure park during its development phase in the early/mid 90's. The first one would've had guests venturing inside of the Cerebro chamber and witnessing a big battle between the X-Men and Magneto's forces. The attraction would have utilized a moving theater that would've been surrounded by a giant 3D dome screen. The second proposal, which almost made it into the park, would have been an interactive dark ride where guests would be able to shoot at targets and score points. This fell through due to the extreme budget cuts the park received as a result of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Jurassic Park River Adventure going heavily over-budget. The third and final proposal was a stunt show, which too ended up being a victim of further budget cuts. This attraction ended up being the only X-Men ride to come out of the plans.
    • For Halloween Horror Nights in 2002, there was a plan to have the ride be temporarily rethemed around the Kingpin and have it play heavy metal music, but it was cut at the last minute for reasons unknown.
    • A mid 2010's proposal called for the demolition of this ride along with Doctor Doom's Fearfall, Kingpin's Arcade, and Cafe 4 in order to make way for a massive Avengers attraction. The plan has been shelved for now, as Universal wanted to focus on other upcoming projects in the resort (such as Nintendo).