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Trivia / Star Wars Uncut

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  • Acting for Two: In one of the medal ceremony scenelets Luke, Han and Leia are all played by the same person.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Han is dressed as Indiana Jones on more than one occasion.
    • In the scene where Luke and Leia swing across the chasm Jones appears, uses his whip to snag an overhead pipe, and grabs Leia around the waist in order to swing her - and only her - to safety. Suddenly Leia's kiss on the cheek and telling Luke "good luck" has a whole new meaning. Cue Oh, Crap! face from Luke.
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  • Approval of God: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut is posted on the official YouTube channel, and opens with a clip from Lucasfilms endorsing the project.
    "One of the things that we love seeing here, and we see it here at Lucasfilm every day, is fan creativity. One of the best examples of fan creativity I've seen for a long time is The Empire Strkes Back Uncut....We at Lucasfilm and are very very pleased to present The Empire Strikes Back Uncut."
    —-Mary Franklin, Lucasfilm Senior Events & Fan Relations Lead
  • Dawson Casting: In the scene on the Death Star bridge Leia (circa 20 years old) is played by a woman who has got to be pushing 80.
  • Throw It In!: The first (but far from only) ad-libbed line:
    C3PO: I'm not even sure which planet I'm on.
    Luke: Well, if there's a bright center of the universe, you're in the place that it's farthest from.

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