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Trivia / Spyro the Dragon

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  • Bad Export for You: The Japanese version has a far worse camera system than what's featured in other regions, doing an overall terrible job turning and following the player's movements, on top of glitches and unnecessary hint signs that were easy to accidentally trigger via the fire breath. In addition, Spyro moves considerably slower - his charging speed in the Japanese version is roughly equivalent to his walking speed in the other versions. However, you can unlock the original camera and movement speed if you complete the game.
  • Fan Nickname
    • The "Bog" in Misty Bog is often jokingly replaced with anything that rhymes with bog. Due to the enemies in the level, the most common one is "Misty Frog".
    • There's a cavern full of enemies in Misty Bog that speedrunners refer to as "Guantanamo".
  • Name's the Same: There are no green plumbers in Haunted Towers.
  • The Other Darrin: Yes, despite this being the first game in the series. All of the dragons in Gnasty's World were already freed once before in each of the five previous worlds. Despite them all looking identical to their first appearance, every single one has a completely different voice the second time you rescue them.


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