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The Spyro the Dragon each games have an abundance of scrapped content. Skylanders is a separate spinoff franchise and thus isn't included.


  • Spyro the Dragon (1998):
    • Spyro started out as a green adult dragon named Pete. He was aged down into a Kid Hero for ease of animation and better appeal to the target audience, his name was changed to avoid potential conflicts with the Disney movie Pete's Dragon, and finally gained his familiar purple color scheme for better contrast against the typically grassy stages.
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    • The last page of the manual for Spyro The Dragon shows what seems to be an adult version of Spyro. It is unknown if he was supposed to appear as such in the game itself or a sequel but no other artworks featuring that concept seem to have been made.
  • Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!:
    • Many of the levels had different names in development. For example, Sunny Beach was originally called "Aquaria Beach", Shady Oasis was "Scorch Oasis", and Mystic Marsh was "Mystic Savannah". This late change is why one NPC accidentally calls Cloud Temples "Mystic City". The names were in pairs where similar levels had similar names.
    • Instead of a question mark on it, the Mystery Bottle originally had an arrow pointing where to go.
    • The reason why the shield power-up is gray on the power gate yet is represented by an orange shield icon when you you're invincible is because it was supposed to be orange on the power gate too and they forgot to change the orange shield icon to be gray.
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    • Moneybags originally had a more intimidating "mobster"-like appearance. He was toned down for the final game, as the developers thought he looked too scary.
    • Inventor Droid has unused dialogue for when Spyro hasn't killed any enemies. This is impossible under normal circumstances as enemies self-destruct in that level. This is either Developers' Foresight or the amount of defeated enemies needed was changed in development.
    • Elora the faun was originally going to be a centaur.
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon:
    • The hummingbirds were originally male. For example, Cpl. Gabrielle was originally named "Eric".
    • The eggs had intentionally Outdated Names in earlier versions of the name, likely go with the interpretations that dragons are anachronistic.
    • Sunset Villa had a different layout earlier in development. There was a huge fountain in the middle of the main part of the level. There were also rooms on top of the building where the gate is.
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    • Honey Speedway was originally called "Honeycomb Speedway", Dino Mines was called "Dry Gulch", and Haunted Tomb is called "Catacomb Caverns".
    • In Dino Mines there is a Dummied Out arena that can be accessed with the "swimming in the air" glitch. It's speculated that Spyro was meant to do a shoot-out with the Bailey gang similar to Agent 9.
    • Prerelease footage shows that Bamboo Terrace's track had a section cut where a woman vocalizes. There were also originally tigers in the level but the final version only shows oxen.
    • The Professor has unused dialogue in the games' files that implies he was supposed to meet Agent 9 in an earlier homeworld. This is backed up by some of Greta's dialogue in Fireworks Factory talking about helping the Professor build a rocket, further implying that Spyro was originally intended to meet him in Evening Lake.
    • Sgt. Byrd was originally a pig.
    • Sheila was originally a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal in a T-shirt and boxing gloves and had horns on her head (?). She lost all these features by the time of the final game and fights by kicking (like a real kangaroo) instead of punching. Sheila would get a shirt again by the time of the Reignited Trilogy remake.
  • Elora was meant to appear in Attack of the Rhynocs and Season Of Ice but was scrapped due to time constraints.
  • Prior to Enter the Dragonfly, there was at one point a Spyro game in the works for the Xbox.
  • Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly:
    • The game was originally supposed to run at 60 FPS and had low loading times. Being Christmas Rushed, along with hardware issues, led to a laggy game with long load times. Several sound effects (including wings sounds for Spyro's hover and thump sounds when Spyro hits a wall) were also cut.
    • The original plans for the game were for the series to grow with the audience. Instead of being a cute platformer about a badbutt mascot, the plot was a Darker and Edgier game starring a teenage Spyro. Universal vetoed the idea. Years later, the Legend of Spyro reboot had a similar premise.
    • The original pitch for the plot was going to introduce an evil dragon who was stealing the essences of other dragons to become more powerful. Spyro would have to travel across the Dragon Worlds to restore those essences and defeat the evil dragon. Spyro: A Hero's Tail reused a similar plot.
    • Another plot idea was that both Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto would team up to take on Spyro together, though this could have still worked alongside the former idea as well.
    • Ember was originally created for Enter the Dragonfly. She didn't use her Hero's Tail design but she was still a young, pink dragon around Spyro's age. She was supposed to fly alongside Spyro and act as a turrent. But the constant changes during development caused the team to not find a place for her in the game, so she was scrapped. She would later make her official debut in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.
    • The game was supposed to have 25 linear levels and 120 dragonflies, but it was downsized to 8 circular levels and 90 dragonflies in order to fit the Christmas release.
    • Cut levels include: the desert level Baked Alaska, the pirate level Cutthroat Cove, and the forest level Emerald Forest (also known as "Enchanted Forest") featuring porcupines with Scottish accents. Early press releases talked about "unique environments including rainbows, tornadoes, and monsoons". The manual still contains an image of a portal in the Dragon Realms' castle that would have taken you to another hub world as well.
    • A rocket and surfboard were two vehicles that were meant to appear.
    • Moneybags only appears in the first level, before inexplicably disappearing throughout the rest of the game. There was originally a reason for this: he was going to be Put On The Bus, with Dummied Out dialogue showing that he was sick of gems and didn't want to deal with them anymore.
    • Sparx went through a few design overhauls in development, including a bigger eyed look, a look with transparent wings, and a look with larger wings.
    • Sparx's minigame from the third game was also meant to return.
    • The dragonflies originally bounced up and down. This was changed in order to make them easier to catch.
    • A Dummied Out line of Hunter's is a tongue-in-cheek line that references how hard it is to catch dragonflies:
    You gotta get close to them for Bubble Breath to work. Of course, that's easier said than done.
  • Text in the music files of Spyro: A Hero's Tail suggests there was going to be a fifth hub world that was later cut.
  • In the early 2000s there were plans for an Agent 9 spinoff. One project was a complete reboot, where Agent 9 was called "Prime 8" and had a realistic redesign. The other unrelated project was more faithful to the original.

Legend of Spyro

  • Just look at the art galleries in Dawn of the Dragon. The scenery gallery shows far bigger and detailed levels, and several dozen scrapped ones.
  • The producers revealed that the entire purpose of The Legend of Spyro was to re-establish the characters and the world in a way that would allow growth and expansion, and more potential games based on the trilogy were planned, but Activision wanted to take the franchise in a different direction.
  • Jared Pullen, the lead artist of LoS, did a Q.A. on some of the stuff they never got around to implementing or building upon. This includes, among other things, the fact that dragon eggs take decades to hatch, that they were indeed considering revealing that Ignitus was possibly Spyro's biological father but were halfway split between Ignitus or Malefor being his biological father, that if adult female dragoness had appeared in the series, they would have been even more slender than adult Cynder was note , and that there's another dragon around Spyro and Cynder's relative age named Pyra out there, currently stranded on a deserted island.
  • Jared also later confirmed in the intended story draft that something bigger and much more powerful than Malefor corrupted him, and that Cynder's natural element is strongly implied to be wind and natural wind dragons exist. It also confirms that water is also a natural element in the LoS universe and that Cyril was originally intended to be the female Guardian of water. Pure shadow, fear, and poison dragons also exist, but they aren't natural, and is the result of a "dark entity" (perhaps the same one that corrupted Malefor?).
  • According to Jared, Cynder joining the temple after being saved by Spyro was supposed to be a point of contention among the Guardians, with Cyril being the most vocal dragon against it. It wasn't until Ignitus stood up for her did they finally accept her. Time constraints, however, kept this detail from being known until years later, with the Guardians never stating their opinions on Cynder's return to the temple in the games proper.
  • The elemental wheel used to power up elements in the games was originally supposed to be an actual object Spyro would have encountered in game, but time constraints forced them axe that for the system in the games.
  • The "Convexity" breath is actually called Aether and is the source of purple dragon's powers. It can exist in light and dark forms, and is the very fabric that makes of the reality of the LoS universe. Aether is incredibly powerful, and when properly master, a dragon in control of it can do practically whatever the hell they want, and can even permanently De-Power a dragon of their element, or bestow other elements onto dragons who already have one.
  • A film based on The Legend of Spyro was in development intending to be the first of a franchise, but was eventually canned after the Activision-Blizzard merger.


  • Prior to Skylanders, Toys To Bob was developing Spyro's Kingdom. In it, Spyro was the full-grown king of said kingdom and a non-playable character who you would go to for quests. Spyro would tell you where to go and help you on your adventures.
  • Before the concept of Skylanders: and before its predecessor Spyro's Kingdom, Toys For Bob looked into different early concepts for the Spyro series after The Legend of Spyro trilogy ended. These ideas included a "realistic, gritty" Spyro, a tiny Spyro that ran around the real world on book selves, and an origami Spyro that can take shape.
  • An MMORPG version of Spyro's Kingdom based on The Legend of Spyro was proposed by Helios Interactive, but was rejected.

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