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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Besides their regular gig and the SYR records: Kim is a visual artist, the owner of the X-Girl clothing company and has an active side project, Free Kitten; Thurston occasionally releases solo albums and collaborations on his Ecstatic Peace! label (which also houses other musicians); Steve runs the Smells Like Records label besides his day job operating the SYR and Goofin' labels; and Mark is also taking part in his former band Pavement's reunion. O'Rourke would also count when he was in the band, being a prolific musician and producer in the Chicago experimental and free improv scenes. And last but not least, Lee, who plays in several free jazz/noise groups, provides live soundtracks to experimental films, and performs spoken word. Sometimes simultaneously.
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  • Black Sheep Hit: "Teen Age Riot", despite being the band's Signature Song, is a rarity in their oeuvre in its use of a traditional verse-chorus pop song structure, something their music typically foregoes. The only really unconventional thing about the structure is the fact that it takes two minutes to build up to the first proper verse - not quite an Epic Instrumental Opener since Kim is doing spoken word over the first minute and a half.
  • Creator Couple: Thurston and Kim. The band essentially broke up not long after they separated (and later divorced).
  • No Export for You: Whores Moaning was released only in Australia and New Zealand. This is probably further mirroring Nirvana's Hormoaning, which was released in Australia.


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