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  • Approval of God: Oddly enough, Mike Pollock likes the "Robotnik Hates 4Kids" short.
  • Colbert Bump: Sonic Shorts 8 has Sonic listening to "I.D.E.A." from the Mega Man X6 soundtrack. Now try looking up the song on Youtube, read the comments, and expect one or more people to say that they were introduced to the song via the short.
  • Development Hell: The Sega Shorts video was announced shortly after finishing the grand finale Sonic Shorts 8. However, due to the circumstances detailed in the video description (and listed below here), it wouldn't come out until the end of 2018. As Sonic Paradox says...
    "...We started the project back in 2013 but then our YouTube channel was hacked for almost 2 years making everyone think the channel was dead which in turn stopped new animators joining in the project. When we got the channel back we uploaded Robotnik Shorts along with the Sega Shorts Credits animation: Sega Generations. But it wasn't enough; there was still a lack of awareness that we returned. We had a dry spell because no new animators were joining the team. Fortunately Vectors Knickers and Sonic Seconds brought life back into the channel and we finally got new recruits to help finish the Sega Shorts."
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: The videos are often a product of their time, and you can almost pinpoint where the franchise was, depending on some of the jokes, such as the Sonic Chronicles skit pertaining to Shade, the "Robotnik Hates 4Kids" short (even moreso due to the company's later bankruptcy), and a Sonic Sez about not posting animations on Youtube without permission (the crew would eventually put the shorts on Youtube anyway, often substituting mentions of Newgrounds with someone saying "".).


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