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Trivia / Silent Hill 4

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  • Executive Meddling: See Dolled-Up Installment, as well as Konami's removal of Team Silent shortly after the game's release.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Word of God states that The Room was going to be a Gaiden Game in the Silent Hill universe, as opposed to Silent Hill 4.
    • Hacking into the game has revealed placeholder items (the same gems from Silent Hill) for unlocking the sadly-absent UFO ending.
  • The axe, pistol, submachine gun, and possibly the pipe that Henry can use are in fact Walter's original murder weapons for some of his earlier victims. Feel free to speculate which of the golf clubs Henry picks up was Walter's, and you can even scoop up Walter's chainsaw in a New Game+.
  • The Hope House Orphanage (mentioned in an article in Silent Hill 3) is now referred to as the Wish House Orphanage.
    • The exact same aforementioned article appears in The Room with the name change as well.
    • It is mentioned that the orphanage closed and reopened, so perhaps the name change was to put up a façade of a Meaningful Rename.


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