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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Soundtrack Composer/Writer Joe Romersa's music video of incoherent images, wild gestures, with a dead-serious face and deep voice.
  • "The umbilical cord I keep in a box in my room... Lately, it's started to smell terrible."
  • Jasper Gein's shirt they wear can come across as amusing. Their shirt has a picture of the Incubus, the True Final Boss of Silent Hill. Seeing it in this context can feel like Leaning on the Fourth Wall, as if they're a fan of the first game's final boss.
  • Some of the stock sound effects can be pretty silly, like the dogs that sound like panthers, or the ten foot-tall burping Patients.
  • Henry's complete apathy throughout most of the game:
    • It's pretty funny to watch him discover a crucified corpse hidden in the back of his apartment while looking completely bored by the whole ordeal. Made even funnier with the fact that he's gagging from the smell, sees the source, and then goes back to being bored, almost like he's saying, "Oh, is that all it was?"
    • Henry wakes up from the subway world, after finding Cynthia brutally murdered.
      Henry: (almost whimpering) Cynthia?
      *Police and ambulance sirens become audible outside.*
      Henry: Man, what's all that noise out there?
    • Despite his usual emotionless, in the scene where Cynthia is telling Henry about her "special favor", if you look closely, he's trying very hard to not start grinning like an idiot or laughing in her face.
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    • The scene where he finds her battered and mangled body is just as bad. She's sprawled on the floor, slowly bleeding to death, with every inch of the room covered in her blood. Henry's response:
    • In the Best Ending, when Eileen jokes about how they now have to find a new place to live, Henry's response is a sardonic shrug.
  • Most find the giant Eileen head from the hospital to be complete Nightmare Fuel, but sort of like that whole deal with Monster Clowns, it has an equal chance of just being silly-looking.
    • Especially since each eye tracks Henry separately. Which means the thing gets crosseyed easily.
  • It turns out that Walter hates all things that fly. So what happens when he encounters a swarm of Hummers? He ignores you completely and shoots them out of the sky.
  • In Building World 2nd Time, there is a glitch you can exploit to bring Eileen through to the end without opening the Door of Time. By avoiding the door, you avoid triggering a script that spawns monsters where there weren't any before and thus don't have to get Eileen past them. The way you trigger the glitch also means you avoid bringing her past nearly all the other monsters. It's just so hilarious to completely dodge the usual burden of the Escort Mission.
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  • Whilst revisiting the Forest World, it is possible for Jasper's ghost to glitch, putting its flame out. Subverted in the fact that he still deals damage the same way as other ghosts, is very fast, and is very aggressive.
  • "Ouch! Dammit...!" Richard Braintree's reaction to falling at least two stories and landing on hard concrete, without breaking a single bone. Even funnier how you see him falling like a sack of grain, without contorting, bouncing, or flinching in any way possible.
  • In a way the Hospital World feels a lot like a parody. True there's blood and rust, but you have to deal with literal belching monsters and demonic wheelchairs. That's right, demonic wheelchairs. While one might be terrifying, it's hard to take it seriously when a bunch will group up to Henry thus flopping him all over the place.
  • This article made it clear that in a way Silent Hill 4 is half-horror and half-comedy.
  • This game caused a major controversy in the fan run Silent Hill Wiki when one of the top mods of the site had a major meltdown and became an enormous Wiki Vandal because of his own views on, of all things, circumcision.

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