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Trivia / Rock Raiders

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  • Christmas Rushed: the NTSC version of the Playstation game was slapped together in just six months. The PAL version on the other hand was given a few more months of polishing time, but only after Sony Europe initially rejecting it..
  • Deleted Scene: An extended intro is included as bonus content on the disc of LEGO Island. It includes about two extra minutes, most of which is just extra Establishing Shots. Strangely, the background music and Simlish Speak have been removed, making the whole clip rather quiet.
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  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Three alleged cheat codes (lrrwarp for all levels, lrrmonty to turn Rock Raiders into Rock Monsters, lrrve to unlock all vehicles) have been spread around the internet and it's rare to find a game hints site which doesn't mention them, even though they are completely false and do nothing.
  • What Could Have Been: Modding .wad files reveals that an in-game editor was planned, but sadly not implemented. It has also revealed several monsters, buildings, and numerous other ideas that were scrapped. See Dummied Out on the main page for details.

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