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Trivia / Reflets d'Acide

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  • Doing It for the Art: After the end of the official comic book adaptation before completion of the whole series, Fabien Dalmasso, the adaptation's cartoonist, decided to continue the adaptation, now as a freenote  Webtoon he's voluntarily working on during his free time.
  • Real-Life Relative: One of the extras, the voice actress Pétulia Xavier (who dubs the goddess Travia) is also JBX's wife.
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  • Screwed by the Network: Due to sales of the official comic book adaptation diminushing gradually after each issue, Delcourt (the publisher) requested the authors to stop at the 10th issue. They had to choose between summarising the whole end of the webseries (the last quarter of episode 14, the whole episodes 15, and the whole 16note ) in the last issue, or making a 10th issue with the same pacing that the previous ones but which abruptly cuts at the end of the 16th chapter of episode 14. Since the former option would betray the spirit of the project (using the entirety of the dialogs, puns, etc.), they choose the latter.
  • Sequel in Another Medium: The official comic book adaptation abruptly ended with the release of the 10th issue in the January 2020 (cf. Screwed by the Network). The rest of the first season's audioplay (starting with episode 14 - chapter 17) is currently being adapted into a free webcomic hosted on Webtoons.note 
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  • Word of God: On a Facebook fanpage for the series, someone tells they half-remember a scene in a Blueberry album which was similar to a gag in Reflets d'Acide first episode (Enoriel trying to order elaborate drinks which aren't available in this tavern) and ask for more accurate information, then another subscriber finds a scan of said Blueberry scene (from the first book of the series). Then Pétulia answered that the scene with Enoriel wasn't a Blueberry Shout-Out but a mere coincidence, because JBX didn't read this comic book.

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