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  • In the first episode, Wrandrall's initial attempt at recruiting teammates goes hilariously wrong:
    • The first one to propose himself is Gloum, a Gollum Expy who wrongly assumes Wrandrall is trying to go on a quest to steal his Precious and proceeds to assault him as a result, only for Wrandrall to kick him to the other side of the room.
    • The second one is an unknown person who just keeps repeating the same nonsensical sentence with a weird accent ("Yésouitravail", which roughly translates to "I am work" in french) each time Wrandrall asks him his name. Eventually, the half-demon loses patience and just punches him.
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    • The third, fourth and fifth ones go like this:
      Candidate 3 (with a high-pitched voice): Hello, sir!
      Wrandrall: Too young, next!
      Candidate 4 (raspy voice): Hellooooo!
      Wrandrall: Too old! Next!
      Candidate 5: (uncomprehensible mumble)
      Wrandrall (irritated): Too dumb! Next!
    • And finally, the sixth one turns out to be a disguised Gloum again, who this time presents himself as a dwarf-elf hybrid who is at the same time warrior, necromancer and druid with an assassin option and some gnomish abilities. Wrandrall doesn't buy it, and Gloum eventually goes back to assaulting him asking for his Precious, only to get his asses kicked once again.
  • At the beginning of episode 2:
    Narrator: After a recruitment done in a whorehouse....
    Groups: WHAT?!!
    Zarakai: What is this moron saying?
    Enoriel: Seriously, where did he see that?
    Narrator: After a recruitment done in an inn...
    Groups (reassured): Aaah...
    (New protestations from the group)
    Narrator: Wrandrall proudly took the front...
    Wrandrall: Uuuuuh...
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  • Guertrude getting herself killed fighting a bear, who is later revealed to be old, one-eyed and sick.
  • When they are in the forest in episode 2, the protagonists meet a small bird. Zehirmann manages to translate its speech. Turns out he is saying "Go away, intruders, or I'll shit on you."
  • Trichelieu. Almost every line he says is either a Double Entendre or a very tendantious pop culture reference. Hell, even the items he touches (books, magic devices...) gives well hidden Double Entendre.
  • When the team meets with Trichelieu for the first time and tries to decide weither they will recruit him or not. The following dialogues follow:
    Wrandrall: Could you heal our wounds?
    Trichelieu: Sure, but who is he?
    Wrandrall: Who is who?
    Trichelieu: Well, Orwounds!
    Wrandrall: But Our wounds isn't a name, you moron!
    Trichelieu: Of course not, it probably is an alias.
    Zehirmann: NO! Our wounds, like Our injuries!
    Trichelieu: Sooo, he has two different names?
    Zehirmann: OUR-WOUNDS! Cuts, bleedings, burns.... things that will happen to you if you keep on not understanding a damn thing!
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  • Alia-Aenor being attacked by bandits on the road:
    Alia-Aenor (human form, with her cute girl voice): You are all gonna die. (the bandits laugh)
    Bandit: Of course! We are ALL gonna die one day, that's part of life!
    Alia-Aenor (turn into her dragon form, with her dragon voice): You are all gonna die.
    Bandit: Okaaaaaaaay, now that's bad.
  • The presentation of the heroes after they met, in Episode 1. All of it.
    Narrator: (talking about Zehirmann) Red skin; red hair; red eyes.
    Wrandrall: (amused) Let me guess; his favourite colour is...
    Zehirmann: Blue.
    Wrandrall: ... Oookay...
  • In Episode 2, Enoriel using one of his spells to force Zarakai to dance.
  • Episode 3 opens with the characters each singing their favourite song:
    • Zarakai sings a typical traditional dwarf song about gold, weapons and beer... until the last verse, where the song ends on "getting rid of the old". He explains it actually means "getting rid of the old things in the mine", but there isn't enough room to tell it in the song.
    • Enoriel sings a light-hearted, joyful song about how he slaughtered and stripped the corpses of a bunch of thugs who tried to rob him.
    • Wrandrall sings a song that seems innocent, but is actually filled with Stealth Puns about Demons, Devils, Hell and Evil. The other characters all can't help but be disturbed by this song, yet can't put the finger on what exactly is wrong about it.
    • Zehirmann sings a warrior's song about burning everything and purifying the enemy by the fire. Wrandrall is the only one to genuinely like it.
    • Trichelieu, predictably, delivers a so-called religious song filled with his usual sexual Double Entendre, only even less subtle than usual. The other characters are all disgusted.
  • Some of the Snark-to-Snark Combat between Zarakai and Enoriel are comedy gold:
    Zarakai (after hearing the various, sinister and disgusting-sounding names of the places they will visit): Well, at least these don't sound like elven appellations; they don't make you want to laugh.
    Enoriel (staring at Zarakai): Well, at least one of us will feel at home in this journey.
    Zarakai (irritated): Can a bard still sing with part of his head misssing?
    Enoriel: Better than a dwarf with half his food safe in his beard!
    Zarakai: If you want to sing, I can accompany you with my hammer?
    Enoriel (sarcastically): Oh? This is your "musical instrument"?
    Zarakai: Yeah; when I hit a bell with it, it rings the tolling of stupidity!
    Enoriel: I doubt you have the reasoning abilities required to eradicate yours.
    Zarakai: I am quite a handsome dwarf!
    Enoriel: "dwarf" and "handsome" are antinomic.
    Zarakai: Anti-what?
    Enoriel: Actually, I wonder if the smell isn't coming from you... did you happen to eat dead rats, lastly?
    • Also, the sheer idiocy of Zarakai is always hilarious, especially when pointed out by Enoriel.
      (The group is traveling through a cave without much light)
      Zarakai: Wait, let me switch into Infravision...
      Zehirmann: Do you see something?
      Zarakai:Yes, a bat, sleeping.
      Zehirmann: Hm.
      Zarakai: And here, another bat sleeping... Here, a bald Troll grinning...
      The Whole Group: HUH!!??
      Zarakai : And another bat sleeping...
      Enoriel: Wait, wait... You've seen a Troll!?
      Zarakai: Huh, well yes; he's bald, he's grinning and... *growl* Oh SHIT, a Troll!!!
      Enoriel: Indeed, you moron!
  • When the group meets with the Ogre DDE, who agrees to let them pass only if they pay. Cue Zarakai protesting:
    Zarakai: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! We are five, he is alone!
    Zehirmann: Oh come on, Zarakai... the Ogre is just doing his job...
    Zarakai: Don't care!
    Wandrall: He doesn't look easy-going!
    Zarakai: Don't care!
    Zarakai: Don't care!
    Enoriel: He is five meters tall!
    Zehirmann: I am not sure this is the way we should reason...
    • The others then keep discussing to convince Zarakai for three long hours, during which the conversation somehow derives on who is stronger between the Elephant, the Hippo and the Rhino. This leads to an accidental case of Talking the Monster to Death, since DDE ends up falling asleep out of boredom.
    • Also, DDE mistaking Enoriel for a woman, much to Zarakai's hilarity.
    • The characters then proceed to all go across the bridged while trying to not awaken DDE. As they are going through one after another, the narrator comment how they get tempted to do something: Wrandall almost succumbs to the temptation of fainting, Zehirmann almost succumbs to the temptation of burning the Ogre in his sleep so he can get easy experience points, Enoriel almost succumbs to the temptation of stealing his money. When comes Trichelieu's turn, the narrator just states he "almost succumbs to the temptation", much to the clerk's indignation.
    • Then when they are finally done crossing the bridge, the Ogre awaken. Fortunately for them, he is too dumb to realize what they have done. Unfortunately, he decides to be nice and allow them a free pass... meaning he is now trying to get them cross it again the other way.
  • The Mirror Match, in Episode 11, is a Moment of Awesome in itself; you have four great one-on-one fights, with a voiceover giving the results of the dice and their consequences, as in a real tabletop roleplaying fight. Zehirmann boastfully fights with his powerful magic, Enoriel with the elegance of his blade, Wrandrall is clumsy but touching and poetic... Meanwhile, with Zarakaï...
    Zarakai: You fake dwarf! Take THIS!
    Voiceover: (purely descriptive) Powerful Hit; right arm ripped off.
    Zarakai: Yeah! Get out! *shouts loudly*
    Voiceover: Powerful Hit; left arm ripped off.
    Zarakai: How's that? No arms left? Can't blow your nose anymore? Come here, I'll GIVE YOU A HAND!!! *shouts loudly*
    Voiceover: Critical Hit. Target: Head. Hammered in. Dies in a violent and messy way.
    Zarakai: Hoo boy! Look at all that snot! Hohohahaha!
  • When it's revealed Alia-Aenor and Enoriel used to be in a relationship, Moumoune suddenly loses all her fear of the dragon and tried to ask her about their story, much to Roger's dismay.
  • When demons start invading Maender-Alkor in the last episode, one of them actually mistakes Zehirmann for a peer because of his appearance, even interrupting the fight to clarify the confusion. Zehirmann is not amused.
  • Wrandrall, Trichelieu, Enoriel, Zéhirmahnn, Zarakai and Alia-Aenor are forced to make a blood pact creating a Psychic Link between them. To nobody's surprise, it doesn't take long for Trichelieu to piss Alia-Aenor off by picturing her naked in his head.

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