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Trivia / Rakenzarn Frontier Story

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early scripts of the game included in the initial beta test reveal some interesting tidbits.
      • The party was planned to be only six members. Makoto was still the lead, but the other confirmed members would have been Kanon, Lilith and Paula. Each would also have had two or three unique classes per character with other classes for sharing.
      • Early storyline ideas involved an alternate Danganronpa with Sayaka as the mastermind and an encounter with the Weeping Angels. The main antagonists would been called "Devourers".
      • A Persona-like stat building system would be used to influence relationships and the story.
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    • Chapter 3 was meant to have a segment where the party split up and found Sayaka and Aoi that way. This was due to personal problems in the developer's life that resulted in changes in the development process.

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