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YMMV / Rakenzarn Frontier Story

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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: While the Rakenzarn Tales version of Samuel is a pretty bad man, his counterpart here isn't shown to be as cruel, so his transformation and death are more likely to make you feel bad.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Since the character-exclusive class are versatile enough to handle most situations and you can only level one class at a time for each character, it's pretty easy just to focus on those once you've picked a sub-class and leveled it to the point where you have all its skills.
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  • Fridge Horror: The apathy the Overseers display towards the deaths of worlds based off less popular franchises could mean one or two things. One, this is A Million Is a Statistic/Conditioned to Accept Horror taken to the extreme of not batting an eye in regards to the googolplex of lives lost. Two, they are Not So Different from the Primal Union in regards to universes they themselves aren't personally invested in.
  • Gateway Series: This game brings up a few lesser-known series that might be worth looking into.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Lion refers to the anime continuity as one where Mario and Luigi "are grocers instead of plumbers". This was written before it was briefly declared that the Marios were no longer plumbers.
  • Ho Yay: Lion's method of getting back at Makoto? Pinch his butt. According to Raiga, not only is this a habit, Lion did it to him at least once as well.

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