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  • Fandom Nod: In Wherever You Find Love, Trixie briefly refers to Sunset as "Sunset Satan", a Fan Nickname for her demonic form.
  • Meaningful Release Date: Comes up several times.
    • The first chapter of New Horizon was posted on November 15, 2015, the first anniversary of An Act of Random Kindness being posted on Fimfiction.
    • The fourth chapter of Wherever You Find Love, taking place on Christmas, was released on Christmas Day 2015.
    • Family was released on November 15, 2016, the second anniversary of the series starting release on Fimfiction.
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    • The first Blooper Reel chapter was released on April Fool's Day 2017, while the first Q&A chapter was released on November 15, 2017. The second Q&A would follow a year later to the day, with a 2.5 installment following a year later.
    • The prologue to A Mad Pony in a Box was released on November 23, 2017, the 54th anniversary of the premiere of Doctor Who. The first chapter would follow a year later to the day, with the second narrowly averting it by coming the day before the birthday of Jon Pertwee. The third followed on November 23, 2019, with the fourth released Christmas 2019 and the fifth and final chapter released on New Year's Day 2020.
  • Outdated by Canon: Names and descriptions were given for Rainbow Dash and Applejack's parents as humans before their pony counterparts debuted, based on fan supposition. The latter was later retconned to reflect what was established in the show. The same thing later happened with the identities of Scootaloo's parents, and was similarly retconned.

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