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  • Author's Saving Throw: A Shimmering New Year was meant to be this after critical reception brought up flaws in Wherever You Find Love.
    • When the first version of the Vignette for Luna Eclipsed was met with similar reception, a new one was written to take its place.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Owing to the fact that this series started being posted in 2013 and the series continued since then, more than a few of these have cropped up.
    • In Six Nights (and a Day) With Sunset, Sunset Shimmer ends up patching things up with Flash Sentry, and in the process, helps him to get closure in his relationship with Twilight. This story was released over a year and a half before My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree had a similar plot point.
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    • Another one for the story above — Sunset reveals that she has some artistic talent, particularly as a sketch artist. The Summertime Shorts and the following digital series ended up confirming Sunset's artistic talents, not only in drawing but also in paint and graffiti.
    • Yet another one for the story above — Sunset mentions that the Equestrian version of Santa Claus is a reindeer. Come My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever and the three gift-giving reindeer shown, and this effectively became canon.
    • And again for the story above, Sunset Shimmer's entrance exam involved attempting to hatch Spike's egg with the use of a spell that emulated dragon fire. Sweet and Smoky establishes that dragon eggs require heat to hatch, and the episode's conclusion involves eggs hatching via superheated dragon fire.
    • In New Horizon, characters named Edgar the Raven and Gilded Lily are introduced. Well over a year after they make their debut, two separate issues of the comics feature characters with the same names.
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    • In A Shimmering New Year, Twilight admits to having a tarnished view of Star Swirl the Bearded after reading his journals and realizing his Fantastic Racism towards dragons. Come the Season Seven finale, he's presented as a different sort of broken pedestal.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If she hadn't crossed it already, Primrose Thorn certainly crossed it when she pins down Quiver, Sunrunner, Sour Sweet, most of the Mane Six and several other characters, then orders her associates to essentially cripple them by breaking legs/horns/wings. It's narrowly averted by the intervention of Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, but her group showed no sign of being discouraged. Take note that this count also included the Cutie Mark Crusaders and a post-HeelFaceTurn Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
  • What an Idiot!: While the series has made some effort to avoid this on the part of the heroic characters, one instance stands out on the part of Celestia.
    • Towards the end of Six Nights (and a Day) With Sunset, Sunset is recounting the events that led to her self-imposed exile in the human world. During that recount, Sunset paints herself in the worst possible light, while either ignoring or whitewashing Celestia's wrongdoings along the way — in particular, leaving out that Sunset asked multiple times what what she saw in the Mirror was about and Celestia outright refused to give her an explanation, and ignoring the situation where she was expelled altogether, just mentioning that she was expelled. This occurs in front of Celestia, who wants to reconcile with Sunset and help her move on from her dark past. And since she knows the truth, Celestia would have been in a position to recognize that Sunset's position isn't just remorse for her past actions, but outright self-loathing, which — alongside Sunset's warped view of what happened — would make her moving on impossible, and that those around her wouldn't be able to provide her with the support she needs with their faulty understanding of what happened.
      What You'd Expect: Celestia owns up to her mistakes, admitting that Sunset turned to her for answers before her breaking in to the restricted archives and was refused each time, and that Sunset's expulsion was in itself a What an Idiot move on Celestia's part that led to the events of the first Equestria Girls film.
      Instead: Celestia reinforces the view that it's all Sunset's fault in regards to obsessing over the vision in the Mirror, and doesn't bring up the events of the expulsion at all.
      The Result: Sunset remains in her pit of self-loathing. Because of this, when Anon-A-Miss occurs, Sunset concludes that she deserves what's happening to her, and that she'll never be able to move on, leading to her suicide attempt. And even after that fiasco is resolved, its scars, combined with her continued self-loathing over events where Celestia deserves a significant amount of the blame, end up attracting the Nightmare's attention, leading to her nearly becoming its newest host.

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