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  • Black Sheep Hit: Their one and only Top 40 single, "Silent Lucidity", is a Pink Floyd-esque orchestral ballad with no traces of the band's trademark prog-metal.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • EMI America Records forced the band to adopt a more Hair Metal image for Rage for Order due to the style's popularity at the time, but otherwise didn't interfere with the recording. The album's booklet shows publicity stills of the band wearing trench coats, heavy make-up, and perms despite the album itself containing experimental Progressive Metal.
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    • EMI America also meddled directly for the only time with The Warning, where the band went $300,000 over budget during the recording and the label took the recordings away from them and handed them to Val Garay for final mixing. As described by Geoff Tate, Garay had "no clue what Queensrÿche was. He never listened to hard rock music and didn't take input from anyone in the band. He just mixed it according to how he thought it should sound. No one in the band could listen to that record. We all hated it."
    • EMI America also shuffled the track order on The Warning without the band's permission. NM 156 was supposed to be the opening track and Warning the penultimate song. No Sanctuary and Deliverance also swapped places
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Taterÿche, Scabsrÿche, Fakerÿche and Queenswrëck for the Tate-fronted version, and Toddrÿche for the LaTorre-fronted version.
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    • Eddie's nick is Edbass (or One Take), Wilton's is Whip (based on one of his teachers commenting that his fingers would "whip" around the fretboard), Scott's is SRock, and Tate's (not in a good way) is Vest.
    • Former guitarist Kelly Gray is known to some as Oven Mitts for his tendency to mangle Chris DeGarmo's solos.
  • Old Shame:
    • The band excluded the video for "Queen Of The Reich" from their video compilation Building Empires. To quote their commentary: "After that is when we grew our hair no one would recognize us!"
    • Michael Wilton absolutely hated the Cabaret tour, which featured burlesque dancers onstage with the band.
    "I was totally not involved in that decision. In fact, I was the only member that stood up for not doing that degrading show. Again, Geoff threw a temper tantrum and would not sing requested fan favorites. I came home from that tour disgusted."
  • One-Hit Wonder: "Silent Lucidity" peaked at #9, and Queensrÿche never saw the Hot 100 again.
  • Put on a Bus: Scott Rockenfield decided to take a hiatus from the band in 2017 to raise his newborn son. Todd La Torre volunteered to record drums for their 2019 release "The Verdict" (having been a drummer before he was a singer) and they hired Casey Grillo for live shows until Scott feels ready to return.


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