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  • Executive Meddling: One likely reason for the remake's extreme critical failure. According to star Shannyn Sossamon, the decision to make the movie PG-13 was made at the last minute, after principal photography, and against the wishes of director Eric Valette. Allegedly, Valette was upset that Sossamon attended a screening of the theatrical version before getting a chance to see his version. This Director's Cut has never been released, nor have any of the scenes from it been shown.
    • For his part, screenwriter Andrew Klavan says he is disappointed with the finished film as well, saying no one working on the film could agree on what it should be: “Each group - writer, director, actors, producer - had a different vision of the film and while any one of them might have worked, they pulled in different directions.”
  • Fake Nationality: The first Japanese sequel is set in Taiwan and features several Chinese characters, but only two of them are really played by Chinese actors: Meifeng, played by Taiwanese actress Shadow Liu, and Chen Yuting, who is played by Taiwanese-American actor Peter Ho. Everyone else (Meifeng's father, Li Li, the old woman who explains about Li Li, and the Taiwanese police) are played by Japanese actors.
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  • Genre-Killer: The US remake marked the end of the trend of J-horror remakes. Ironically, the movie made $27 million domestically, which is more than other Asian Horror remakes like Shutter ($26 mil), Dark Water ($25 mil), and Pulse ($20 mil). It made $46 million worldwide and cost $20 million to make, so there's a decent chance it turned a profit. Part of this was due to overexposure (this was one of four major American remakes of Asian horror films in 2008) and the rise of Paranormal Activity and its found-footage ilk as the new standard of mainstream horror the next year.


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